LX Gallery Opens on New York’s Upper East Side

Annie Armstrong, ARTNEWS, January 15, 2019

LX, a new gallery based on New York's Upper East Side, has opened its doors at 36 East 60th Street. Founded by Louis Buckworth and directed by Cecilia Weaver, LX kicked off its programming on January 10 with a group show titled "I Don't Believe in Art, I Believe in Artists," curated by Jen DeNike. (The name comes from a famous Marcel Duchamp quotation.)


Featured in the inaugural exhibition are works by artists such as Thornton Dial, Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir/Shoplifter, Tal R, and Katherine Bradford, among others. The exhibition will be on display through March 10.


In a release, Weaver said, "LX is a new kind of art space, a destination where visitors will linger and converse about the art in a salon like setting that is intimate and inspiring by design." In addition to the group exhibit, there is also a grouping of limited-edition furniture by Quinlan on display.


This spring, Lisa Cooley (who formerly ran a gallery in New York's Lower East Side) will curate the next exhibition.


Buckworth said in a statement, "Being an art collector in the real estate business, I've long dreamed of combining my two passions. LX represents my desire to reinvigorate the great tradition of artists and patrons on the Upper East Side."