Editors’ Picks: 19 Things Not to Miss in New York’s Art World This Week

Sarah Cascone, artnet News, May 20, 2019

Curated by Lower East Side gallery pioneer Lisa Cooley, this exhibition subtly explores the ways we create, adorn, and conceal our identities. Drawing works from across generations, the exhibition moves from an August Sander photograph of two young men, smiling, in boxing gloves to Jimmy De Sana's under-the-table shot of a nude man in heels, to Jill Magid's neon plea or demand, Make Me Anonymous. The interior and exterior of identity collide (with design objects freely interspersed). In Barkley L. Hendricks we're offered not the artist's luminous portraits of street style, but a view of red clay mountains, made flamboyant by a circular gilt frame. Across from this Jennifer J. Lee's small painting on jute presents a 1970s living room in the same ochre and orange tones. The exhibition title, "Last Night I Wore A Costume," makes reference to nothing in particular, but captures the exhibition's sense of play mixed with memory.